What does this option mean?

Description of sample rate dividing 

  • By default, the sample rate dividing is performed directly on the device. 
  • This option disables direct sample rate dividing on the device itself, therefore the full bandwidth (e.g. 200kHz) is transfered over the USB cable 


  • By default, this option is not toggled on, so sample rate dividing is performed on the device itself 
  • For example, you have two SIRIUS devices with different sample rates (e.g. 1st has 200kHz and 2nd has 50kHz)
  • Running the acquisition in this manner causes that phase between SIRIUS devices is aligned within one sample because the acquisition sample rates are different
  • Since this is not enough for some applications the perfect alignment is needed 
  • Herewith this option enabled, and different sample rates on each device, full bandwidth is provided from devices to the DewesoftX, and furthermore, the software takes care for sample rate dividing
  • In this way, we provide zero phase delay between datafiles from different devices