This article describes the steps on how to work around the problem that the internet connection is gone when installing OptoMotive Optostream SDK v2.7.8.2 on Windows 10 version 20H2 onward. OptoMotive SDK is required for the GigE camera plugin operation.

For more information about Windows operating system versions please visit the webpage --> Windows 10 release information.

The core of the problem is that Microsoft (specifically Windows 10 version 1607 onward) doesn't allow certificates other than Microsoft. Currently, Optostream SDK v2.7.8.2 consists only of a signature from its developer Dolotron d.o.o. which is struggling to achieve Microsoft's recommendations about signature as soon as possible. When this is fulfilled we will immediately update the OptoStream SDK version on our download webpage and update this article about which version has fixes. 

Attached you can find a video that shows how the problem occurs.

In the meantime, you can use a workaround that allows certificates other than only Microsoft's. Changing these settings will allow you to use the newest Gige plugin without any constraints. 

1st step - If you have already installed the new plugin like shows the video and see the same problems, please restart the PC and enter the BIOS settings at the beginning of the PC boot up. 

2nd stepWhen you entering the BIOS settings you should find the "Secure Boot" option and configure it to "Disabled" and then Save the changes. Please note that the BIOS interface may differ from PC to PC. 

If you're behaving the bluescreen problems when using the GigE camera plugin, please refer to the following article which describes the steps of how to solve the problem --> Blue screen (PFN_LIST_ERROR) when using the Gige camera.

The problem is solved in version GigECamera v7.0 onward. This version requires DewesoftX 2021.1 or higher.