In this article is described the generation of CAN bus message activity indicator: green status means active transmitting of messages and red status means that messages have not been transmitted for certain amount of time. This settings will help you to check if CAN bus is still alive.

In SP10 there is an advanced option Enable message count channels (see the picture below) inside CAN plugin that will be really useful in this case, so first enable this.

Then create desired indicator with comparing current Message count channel and Delayed message count channel. So if the delayed message count channel is greater than current message count channel, means that the messages have been received in a delayed amount of time. But when the delayed message count channel reaches an equal value (is not smaller anymore) as the current delayed message channel has, the indicator light will turn on red.

So in the Math section you have to add 2 formulas: 
- Delay channel ('Add math' tab)
- Basic Formula with condition 'if'

See the pictures below.

Both formulas:

 Delay channel setup:

'If' condition formula setup:

Displayed result: