Channel remaping is a useful feature, because it solves a problem that engineers often face, therefore saving a lot of time. In this example we will create a setup with two Sirius slices. All of the channels are configured and there is also some mathematics tied to those channels. 

Then one of the Sirius slices is disconnected, but we still want to perform half of the measurements with only one slice. 

If the first device in the USB chain is taken away and the original setup with both Sirius devices is opened the channel configuration of the missing device will be automatically assigned to the cahnnels of the second device. Because of this, we would have to make the same setup again, which is annoying because it was done before. 

This can be avoided if channel remaping is used. As soon the setup file is loaded, Dewesoft will inform us that the hardware in the setup doesn't match with the currently connected hardware, and the option to remap the channels is given. 

One option is to use the ''Auto resolve by device SNs'' featurre, wich will automatically link the channels form the original setup with the correct hardware that's currently present. 

If the id of the device in different, but the device still has similar amplifiers, it is possible to manually reassign the channel properties to the new device. It can be done by device or by individual channels by dragging the cursor from one channel to the other. 

It is also possible to choose remapping a setup by right clicking on it in the setup files grid.