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How to troubleshoot Matlab export errors?

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When trying to export the data to Matlab *.mat format you can come across many different errors. This errors are caused because of the incorrect settings and can be easily fixed. 

1) Error in ExportObject.StartExport

When this error occurs Matlab doesn't have administration rights for accessing the folder where the exported data is being stored.

A simple test can be performed to acknowledge the correct information about the folder accessibility.

In the Dewesoft settings check the path of the folder where all the exported data is being stored.

Go to the folder destination and try to create a new Folder. If there is a Administration rights sign beside the Folder option, means that some administration rights are needed. 

Creating the export folder in the path, where the administration rights aren't needed should resolve the trouble with Matlab export. 

2) Matlab path isn't added in the "environment variables"

Please check the environment variables in System Properties:

For newer Matlab runtime versions (R2022b) please set the Environment variable to: C:\Program Files\MATLAB\MATLAB Runtime\R2022b\bin\win64
Please notice that the path is \R2022b\bin\win64 and not \R2022b\runtime\win64.

3) Another source of the issue could be the folder name.

If you're using Matlab 2018b or Matlab runtime 9.5 you can't have a space in the export path name (e.g. C:\Dewesoft\Export\Matlab Export). For older versions this should not be an issue.

Issue start: Matlab 2018b

Issue fix: Dewesoft X3 SP7 RC-190429

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