To use the PWM in Dewesoft, KRYPTONi-4xDO is required. For now, this is the only device that is able to output the PWM directly but in the future, this will be supported also on KRYPTONi-8xDI-8xDO and KRYPTONi-16xDO.

On the software side, Dewesoft X3 SP5 release or newer version is needed. 


The PWM can be enabled in the A/D out module. Go to Settings of the digital out channel and choose the "On" option from the PWM drop down menu. Additional field will appear where you can type the period. Wire type can be "Use as switch" either "Use as digital output".

When you go to measure insert use Input control widgets for controlling the duty cyle. It is 0 by default, but it can be adjusted with the input control display (0-100%):

Note that you won't see the PWM signal directly in the measure mode. For the representation the PWM signal (screenshot above), we use another KRYPTON device for measuring the Output signal from the KRYPTONi-4xDO.

PWM workaround for Sirius AO channels: