Here are the steps you can try if there is no data on CAN ports:

1. Change the CAN operation mode to Read/Write/Acknowledge*

*This will not send data on the bus, but only send the acknowledge message which is often needed even when only reading data. 

2. Check if the wiring is done correctly

There should be a 120Ω resistor between the CAN high and CAN low wires. 

If the cable is short, it is enough just to have the resistor on one side, but if the cable is long, there should be a 120Ω resistor on each side of the cable. 

The black number with the error message indication should be counting up if the message stream is okay:

If the red number is counting up, then most likely the baud rate is incorrect and should be changed. 

Scan option should be used to check if any messages are being received on the bus: