If the computer is having trouble recognizing the Dewesoft EtherCAT devices, here are the steps which can resolve the problem:

1. Check if there is Ethercat DAQ Filter driver installed on your computer like shown on the picture below.

If the driver is installed, make sure, the checkbox is checked in front of the driver.

If the driver is not installed, it can be downloaded from our web page.

2. If the driver is already installed and the devices are still not recognized, the Speed & Duplex of the network card needs to be adjusted manually. 

- Go to network connections

- Right-click on the connection where the EtherCAT devices are connected

- Go to configure, advanced options, find Speed & Duplex, change the value to 100 Mbps Full Duplex

3. In case Windows 7 is used, it needs to be updated to Service pack 1 which accepts the 256-bit certificates. You can find the proper update versions on the following link, for both the 32-bit and for 64-bit version.