Sometimes when loading a setup file with a lot of channels, it is possible to get the out of memory error. If the computer has more then 4GB or memory, it is possible to update to 64-bit version which can use as much memory as the computer have. 

In case you are already using 64-bit version of Dewesoft or the computer doesn't have a lot of memory, the settings needs to be optimized. 

Go to Settings -> Performance and change these settings (after each of these changes test the setup if it already works):

1. Disable "Freeze buffer mode" - when this option is disabled, it will not be possible to use the freeze option during measurement, but it will save the memory which is used for this option. 

2. Lower Async DB buffer length - This is the memory size for all asynchronous channels (CAN, GPS, and many others...). The default value is 50 seconds.

3. Lower Sync DB buffer lenght - This is the memory size in seconds for all synchronous channels (analog, counters, ...). The value should be larger than the maximum refresh time - 2 seconds is the default.

4. Lower the Video memory - This will make change only if the cameras are used. Size of the video buffer, with lots of cameras the default 128 MB value should be reduced to half.