We have measured the Slew rate / rise time on DEWE-43, STGM v3 and HD amplifiers.

Settings in  DEWESoft:

Sample rate = 200kS/s (max)

Measurement range = 10V

Low Pass filters = OFF

Measured with 5000V/us pulse as a reference.

Typical Slew rate of all of the above amplifiers is 1V/us.

Typical measured result for rise time was 2 samples (t=5us @ 200kS/s) for the change from 0V to 10V so SR = 10V/(2*5us) = 1V/us.

Inline image 1

This is typical result for all three amplifiers. Analog circuits before ADC may have different slaw rates but this can not be seen by user, user sees only sampled results as are above.