This article complements the Official release newsletter and focuses on graphically representing features that were briefly mentioned in the newsletter under the "What else is new?" section. 

The most notable features in the 2024.2 release are fully presented in the Official release newsletter and are listed in the following list:

  • New Device View for Standalone devices 
  • IP Camera Extension
  • Spreadsheet widget
  • New Licensing Mechanism

To enhance the image, either right-click the image directly, which slightly enlarges it, or ''Open image in new tab'' by right-clicking it, which allows you to zoom further into the image.

Sensors min/max values are now displayed in the analog sensors editor

Since DewesoftX 2024.2, the min/max range limit in the Channel grid of the Analog in and Channels module will display the limits of the connected sensor (found in the Analog Sensors Databse) instead of the amplifier range.

Absolute min/max values are reset, when you reset OVL status per channel

The absolute min/max values of the channel are now reset whenever the user clears the OVL/limit status of the channel. This allows us to monitor the min/max values from the moment the OVL status was reset.

Mouse scroll is now supported in the overload display, Marker table, Legend, and 2D/3D widgets

You asked, and we delivered. Due to multiple requests, it is now possible to use a mouse scroll to navigate through the data on the OVL indicator widget, Marker table, Legend, and 2D/3D table.

Before DewesoftX version 2024.2, you could scroll up and down only by pressing the thumb and moving it up and down.

Software support of the new IOLITEi 4xCAN-FD module

Our new IOLITEi 4xCAN-FD module is now supported in DewesoftX.

Rotor balancing improvements

Changes have been done to the  Rotor balancer module as well. The users can now see the trial weight position info in the results table. To add the trial weight position to the results table, the Initialize with trial weight option must be enabled.

In the results table, the trial weight position will now be visible besides the trial weight mass.

It is now also possible to change the phase convention. There are two options: Lead phase and Lag phase.

Lag phase indicates that the phase angle increases against the shaft rotation direction, and Lead phase indicates that the phase angle increases with the shaft rotation direction. 

Power module improvements

In the newest version of the software, a new period frequency channel output has been added to the CPU calculation of the Power analysis module. The channel is added automatically when the user enables Periods in the Power analysis module's Power tab.

In previous versions of DewesoftX, it wasn't possible to calculate Fundamental period values for Variable line frequency in CPU calculation. This is now possible with DewesoftX 2024.2.

It is now possible to output period values on exactly one period interval. This should eliminate the short term drift of the period values.