This article complements the Official release newsletter and focuses on graphically representing features that were briefly mentioned in the newsletter under the "What else is new?" section. 


The most notable features in the 2023.6 release are fully presented in the Official release newsletter and are listed in the following list:

  • Digital Meter Widget Improvements

  • Online Counter Math

  • Optimized Sensor Creation and Usage

Channel stream with UDP payload (Ethernet Receiver)

When setting up the Ethernet Receiver stream, the user could previously only use Ethernet Frame as the Channel data type. 

Now, when Dewesoft Channel is set as a Data Source, UDP payload can be set as Channel data type. This option enables the streaming of UDP data that contains only the payload.

With Ethernet Receiver it is then possible to create an Ethernet frame, which is done by adding the required packet headers . This can be achieved by selecting Ethernet frame as the Filtered frame type.

Access Live Setup Status functions via the Input Control widget from any display in DewesoftX

The user now has access to Live Setup Status functions via the input control widget, which gives them the option to have the same functions of functional status buttons on display. We can now use the following options:

  • Setup Statuses - opens the setup status screen
  • Error - opens Error window
  • Clear OVL/limit statuses - clears OVL or limit status
  • Show OVL display - opens OVL display
  • NET options - we have multiple NET options that are accessible over NET overview window, such as show status, connect to MU, Network overview.
  • Alarm - manually clears the Alarm status.
  • RT Status - Starts/Stops RT device or Starts/Stops all RT devices.

To find these options, we have to add a Control widget to a display and set the Display type to Statuses action. We can then set any of the previously mentioned options in the Status tab.

Aligning CEA outputs to the end of the engine cycle

The CEA module now has a new set of settings, called Results common settingsthat can be found under the Results definition tab. The user can now align the CEA outputs to Engine cycle start, which will align all calculated results to the start of the engine cycle, or they can choose to align the CEA outputs to Cylinder cycle start, which will align the cylinder calculations to cylinder cycle start.

Write license to all currently connected devices in one operation

The user can now write a license to all connected devices in one operation.

Adjust the font size of values in the Tabular Values Display widget

The Tabular Values Display Widget was improved by adding a Font Size field under the Font tab of the widget's settings. The user will now be able to change the size of the text by entering a value into the Size field instead of having to press the + and - buttons, which will make changing the text size easier.

TestBed v7.1.0. data transfer conditions

The Transfer Conditions tab from the newest version of the TestBed module is used for defining conditions where channel data shouldn’t be transferred. In order for the new function to work, we should give the condition a name, choose a reference channel, and define the threshold value as well as the condition under which the data will not be transferred. Once the condition is defined, it can be assigned to channels in the transfer list. More information can be found in the TestBed manual in chapter 5.3.

Two instances of Chapter 10 plugin simultaneously

It is now possible to add two Chapter 10 plugins and set one to reproducer mode and the other one to reproducer mode. This allows the user to use both modes simultaneously and thus live process of data.

Sorting data files by modification date in Analyze mode

It is now possible to sort data files by modification date while in Analyze mode of DewesoftX. This means that the user will be able to display the data files based on the last time they have worked on the data files. This option can be found by right-clicking on the columns Header, then pressing Edit columns and Modified.