This article complements the Official release newsletter and focuses on graphically representing features that were briefly mentioned in the newsletter under the "What else is new?" section. 


The most notable features in the 2023.3 release are fully presented in the Official release newsletter and are listed in the following list:

  • Electric Motor Efficiency Analysis
  • Offline Counter Math
  • Channel Filters Inside Channel Grids
  • Apply Action Upgrade 
  • User Experience Upgrades 
  • IRIG 106 Chapter 7 Decoder
  • Historian Client Plugin

Array Statistics

The Array statistics math module now allows assigning single value channels (global variables, user inputs, ...) as dynamic axis bounds.

Ethernet stream data as a master synchronization clock

DewesoftX now supports using Ethernet stream data as master synchronization clock for measurements. Time source needs to be set to the Ethernet receiver. Each Filter Chain must have an absolute time option selected which is currently only available in the INEA timestamp. Also the Start byte needs to be added, which represent the start byte of the time data.

If Ethernet receiver can not be selected as Time source please change Operation mode from Real measurement to Simulation mode and then back to Real measurement.

Predefined channel editor

With the predefined channel editor, you can define channel names and descriptions, and select them from a dropdown list in the Channel grid.

Modal Geometry importing models from STL files

Modal Geometry now supports importing models from STL files. The STL files can be in binary or txt format. The whole model will be imported - meaning that all the points in the STL file will be imported which could lead to too many point.

XY Recorder and freeze mode

The XY Recorder now works in freeze mode.