This article complements the Official release newsletter and focuses on graphically representing features that were briefly mentioned in the newsletter under the "What else is new?" section. 


The most notable features in the 2023.2 release are fully presented in the Official release newsletter and are listed in the following list:

  • New Polygon With Editable Geometry and 3D Visualization

  • Microphone Correction Module

  • Processing Markers Improvements

  • Simplified UI for Adding Network Devices, MU and Device modules

  • Copy Widget properties

Standard color dialog

The improved color dialog Provides more user-friendly and intuitive interface.

NMEA 2000 Fast Packet message type

The NMEA 2000 Fast Packet message type is now supported and these messages are automatically detected/read.

Velodyne LIDAR Ultra Puck and HDL-32E

Support for 32 line Velodyne lidars Ultra Puck and HDL-32E was added in Velodyne plugin.

XCP/CCP Master

The XCP/CCP Master in 64-bit Dewesoft is now able to unlock ECU with 32-bit unlocking SeedKey.dll library.

Dewesoft NET application performance improvements

The performace of Dewesoft NET application was optimized. The default sample rate for single value vector/matrix channels is now set to 1 Hz.

Modal Test and Modal Analysis

Display templates of Modal Test and Modal Analysis is now updated:

We have added a 2D graph in Modal Analysis next to the MT geometry like shown below in the yellow box. With the MT MIF channel and the yellow cursor channel selected it is easy to drag it to the frequency of a mode to compare to a mode shape animation.

In Modal Test a Reset group button was added in pretest subdisplay:

Modal Test module

The Modal Test module will now warn you when the number of output functions will affect the performance

Orbit and Polar plot widgets

The Orbit and Polar plot widgets now support absolute time:

Duplicating selected Display

There is now an option to duplicate a selected display:

Order Tracking and 3D Graph

The 3D Graph now displays orders:

Time domain vector markers

The time domain vector markers are now displayed as points on the 3D Graph.

NET Acquisition data

In the NET acquisition the Master client can now enable/disable RT-mode for all measurement units.

RT Data importer

The RT Data importer can now import data from PC: