This article complements the Official release newsletter and focuses on graphically representing features that were briefly mentioned in the newsletter under the "What else is new?" section. 


The most notable features in the 2023.1 release are fully presented in the Official release newsletter and are listed in the following list:

  • Aircraft Power Solution
  • Processing Markers Improvements
  • Orbit Analysis Improvements
  • Modbus TCP/IP Client Update 
  • OPC-UA Client Update
  • Safe Mode For IOLITE Devices

The FFT analyzer module has been optimized to support multiple analysis instances running with XHS sampling rates

The FFT analyzer is now able to perform calculations on samples with XHS sampling rate.

The Rotor Balancer module now supports balancing both by adding and removing weight

Rotor balancer has a new feature that supports balancing by adding weight or by removing weight.

Text data with a sample rate lower than 10 Hz can now be imported in DewesoftX

Text import now supports importing data with a sample rate lower than 10 Hz. The option is only available when setting the channel type to async.

The Ethernet Receiver module now supports IENA time format

The Ethernet Receiver module now supports IENA timestamp.

The IENA is the application layer protocol developed by Airbus that defines the packet header and packetization rules for the transmission of acquired data as UDP/IP packets. The IENA partitions logical groupings of data into packet streams, each uniquely identified by an IENA Key. The IENA standard defines the application layer IENA header, shown in the following figure, and payload structures:

Time (48 bits): The time of the current year in microseconds since the 1st of January. Time timestamp needs to be within 1 s of DewesoftX master time.

You can now configure FlexRay module and KiRoad devices in offline mode through virtual ports without additional license

Preparing setups before actual measurements the FleyRay module and KiRoad devices can now be configured in the offline mode. Example image for KiRoad plugin that does not need a License in the Simulation mode.

XCP/CCP module now enables PTP synchronization option for all devices

The XCP/CPP module has a column, where PTP synchronization can be selected for all devices at once.

The 3D graph now additionally supports logarithmic scaling for both X and Y axes

The 3D graph can now display X and Y axis in log scale. The X and Y coordinates should not be a time axis. It is not possible to display log scale when View type is set to Bar.

Enabled/disabled TEDS scan per channel property in DSGrid

Scanning TEDS sensors can now be disabled or enabled per channel in Analog channel grid

The 3D graph now locks scaling and frequency axis values when switching between the channels

Previously in 3D graph the scaling and frequency values for axis were reset when changing channels. Now the scaling and frequency axis are locked which is more convenient when adding multiple graphs.

Diadem export now offers an additional option to show or hide the module name to channel

In the Diadem export there is now an option to show or hide the module name to the channel name: