Description of the problem

How to upgrade the license on the DS-DONGLE?  

Description of the solution

In order to upgrade the license you should navigate to and follow the instructions of the License upgrade from Configurator article.

Once you get the new license key over the email you will open DewesoftX and navigate to Settings\Licensing. First of all you will verify that only DS-DONGLE is connected to the PC. Then you will find the existing license under Active licenses or Non-active licenses. First step is to delete the old license by clicking the X button from the DS-DONGLE as it is not viable anymore. 

In the next step you will navigate to the Create new license tab and verify that DS-DONGLE is connected. The dongle connection is indicated with the three digit number that refers to the DS-DONGLE. After inserting the new license to the field key you will click the arrow button to continue the registration to the database. 

The license will be registered automatically if you have access to the internet. If you don't have access to the internet you should follow the offline registration instructions in the Online and offline license registration article. 

After the registration is complete the new license will appear under Active licenses tab. Lastly you can verify whether the new options are available by clicking to the three dots.


Additional information

License upgrade from Configurator, Online and offline license registration