With the new release of DewesoftX 2022.2, we have made a significant graphical improvement due to the new support of the DirectX engine. The power module is upgraded to accomplish bigger and faster calculations since they can now be moved to the GPU. Two new widgets have been added; the Text-box widget and Legend widget. The long-awaited offline setup was implemented, where the channels are now generated automatically. Work was done on the Automotive part as well with the support of ARXML import in CAN and FlexRay. 

This article complements the Official release newsletter and focuses on graphically representing features that were briefly mentioned in the newsletter.

Data file reduction in size

When a user would have deleted a math object from a data file, the data file size wouldn't change. With the use of the new feature Reducing size of the file, the additional not useful data is removed and the newly exported file is smaller in size.

Search-box in Dewesoft NET

A search-box window was added to the Dewesoft NET module, making handling a large number of channels significantly easier.

NET connection in Analysis mode

Dewesoft NET module gained an additional advanced option to keep the NET connection when the user is in analysis mode. Now there will be no more pop-up windows that require reconnection.

Function generator in dual-mode

The function generator module has been additionally supported on Krypton-1xAO (firmware 1.12 required) and the SIRIUSe when used in dual-mode. Now you can use the devices in EtherCAT synchronization while using the full functionality of the Function generator on analog outputs.

Octave synthesis plugin

New Octave Synthesis math was added, allowing you to easily obtain octave spectra in selectable resolution from 1/1  to 1/24th octave from any narrow band spectra, like FFT or Transfer Function, assigned as an input.

Channel Tags

The channel TAGs are now also listed in a separate XML file. This means you can save your TAGs collection and import it into the other setup. Now you can also search the channels in Math Formula by the channel TAGs. The search results will show all the channels with specific TAG.

Multiple instance upgrade

Multiple instances usage was updated, making it easier and more transparent to the user. When opening the second instance you can choose the instance you want to open and the name of it will then be shown in the top right corner. Using this feature you can quickly differentiate between the instances.

The list of previously used instances will remain in the drop-down menu, so you can quickly start when you have ended before.

Upgrade new plugin window

When upgrading Dewesoft X, clicking "Yes" on the "New plugins available" window should automatically select them for installation.

Dual-pass phase

Proper dual-pass phase correction was added for IIR and CFC filters in analyze mode.