The new release of DewesoftX 2022.1 is now fully compatible with Windows 11. With the release, many new improvements are introduced which will enhance the user experience. Users can now customize all widget titles and use box-zoom to better visualize important parts of the data. Two new 3rd party devices groups are now supported with the software; Scanivalve pressure scanner and Moog controller. Additionally, the modal analysis module is updated with new calculations and a default display.

This article complements the Official release newsletter and focuses on graphically representing features that were briefly mentioned in the newsletter.

Configuration of counter channels on measurement unit in Order tracking using NET option

Users can now select and configure counter channels from the measurement unit that is connected via NET. When selecting a counter channel from a different device with a click on channel settings, the remote desktop connection will be established and the user can then configure counter channels.

Calculation parameters with the Basic statistics

Newly added calculation options within the Basic statistics module include AC RMS, Kurtosis, Skewness, and Margin factor. For a more detailed explanation of Basic statistics calculation parameters please refer to the online manual.

The default remapping option

When remapping a setup file, the serial number will now be selected by default. The user can still change the remapping manually to index if desired.

The minimum and maximum limit labels with horizontal and vertical bar widget

The horizontal and vertical bar widgets are richer with the absolute minimum and maximum limit labels. The option Show abs/min/max can be enabled under Drawing options.

Import of multiple log files

The stored logs on IOLITE LX that were recorded as a multifile are now merged and imported into DewesoftX as one file. It is not yet possible to select a particular file in multifile and import it into DewesoftX.

CAN RT module

The user interface of the CAN RT module has been completely updated according to the XCP slave module.