The new release of DewesoftX 2021.6 is featuring many improvements over a wide area of DewesoftX functions. It simplifies working with Dewesoft's flagship product, the SIRIUS-XHS, the device is now Auto-Discovered over the Ethernet. A new module Time ODS is introduced, which helps with inspecting critical deflections on operating structures without the need for modal testing. The new release also includes significant improvements to the existing modules: Modal test, Order tracking, and XCP master.

This article complements the Official release newsletter and focuses on graphically representing features that were briefly mentioned in the newsletter. 

Resample functionality with multi-file export

The previously available resampler functionality can also be used when using the multi-file export. Options are Alias free, Linear, and Hold.

Improvements on the paste special function

The paste special function has received several improvements: keep last selection, search field for slots, the color distinction between yes/no options…

Enable/disable Chapter 10 streams

A new option to Enable/disable streams in the Chapter 10 plugin is added.  At least one stream has to be Enabled at any given time. If all streams are disabled, you need to disable the plugin as the clock provider in the settings menu.