This article is an explanation and short instruction on how to use the IOLITE-8xDI-4xDO.

This IOLITE module has 8 digital inputs and 4 digital outputs, and it is a perfect combination for control applications as

each digital out channel has two available digital-in channels, which can be used for detecting both end positions of an actuator.

The basic idea is that a sensor can be directly powered through the pins so no additional external wiring is needed.

For the output side, it is basically a ''switch'' that provides power controlled via Dewesoft software.

The module includes a power out option, where an unregulated power supply voltage is brought to the 2-pin PWR OUT connector.

On the picture below is a connection diagram of how the power from the IN pins is distributed through the connectors.

PWR IN pins are meant for powering the DI-DO channels. It is possible to use the device's power supply (PWR OUT) or an external DC power connected directly to PWR IN.

1. Using power provided from the device (max current is 2A):

2. Using an external power supply:


  • PWR OUT pins are intended to power external loads. Do not connect an external power supply to the PWR OUT pins as it can damage the equipment!

  • The current limit of the PWR OUT source is 2 A per module.
  • The current limit of the IOLITE system is 16 A!

3. The digital inputs are protected and galvanically separated through an optocoupler:

The digital input channel is designed that it can detect positive and negative voltage. 

Input high level is -48 V ~ -3 V, +3 V ~ +48 V

4. Digital inputs also support other possible connections:

Please note that if you are connecting a power supply directly to the digital input, powering through the PWR IN pins is not required.