FFT Analyzer

Updated FFT Analyzer with cross-power spectrum calculations, harmonics extraction, THD 

calculation, and more

- Added cross-power spectrum calculation

- Added speed channels for harmonics extraction support

- Added support THD calculation in FFT

- Updated user interface for FFT

- Updated autopower calculations of spectras

- Updated existing markers to work with new FFT parameters(Autopower, Crosspower)

For more detailed explanation for FFT Analyzer please refer to FFT manual and  FFT analysis manual.

Modal geometry  

Modal geometry is completely reimagined. Left pane of modal geometry (Modal Test Analysis) has been changed.

For adding multiple Geometry slots choose "Custom" in Mode and press plus sign (minus to remove geometry).

Geometry can be edited by clicking on "Editor".  For loading an existing geometry click on Load geometry.

Geometry editor has a new design

Adding lines between nodes with right mouse click

Adding triangles between nodes with right mouse click

Option for adding objects in geometry editor

Animation part of panel has been redesigned

For more information please refer to modal geometry manual.

Status channels for Ethercat devices

Ethernet devices in System monitor have new channels for buffer size, connect/disconnect status and NTP information.

Additional improvements:

- Faster data export for asynchronous channels and optimization of HDF5 export.

- Widgets (3D Graph, Map and Campbel plot) have now unified color palettes. There are 34 color palettes in total.

- Added support for new GNSS/INS sensor (LORD 3DMGQ7)

- Option to choose between anti alias and ring free filters on IOLiteLV and IOLiteSTG

- Support for new devices: IOLiteTH-HS, SiriusE 8xCNT

- TEDS and CAN receive support added on SiriusXHS

- Improved daylight savings when local time is used on all widgets and exports

- RSA encrypted AES key exchange between NET measurement unit and client