Markers have been updated and improved. Markers have a corresponding (Math) channels, and 6 new markers have been added:

    2D Graph:

        - Vector Cut

        - Trigger

    3D Graph:

        - X Harmonic

        - Y Harmonic

        - Free

        - Max


Marker Channels

Undo and redo buttons for widgets

When adding, changing or removing widgets in measure tab there is now an option to undo or redo changes.

Hiding not stored channels in channel list

Channels that are not stored can be hidden from the channel list.

Clearing specific channel

Channels can now be cleared from widget (slot or group) and from display

Overloaded channel indicator

Overloaded channels are highlighted with a red block

Multi-Channel selection in Measure mode

Automatically adding another channel in the next widget slot is possible with CTRL-left click.

Delete slot button next to slot search combo

Slots have been created for additional filtering of channels for Map, XYRecorder, Compas, AHRS, HSI and VSI widgets. Slots show only the channels that can be displayed on selected widget. Removing specific channel from a slot can be done with a delete button.


Channel Tag list

Custom tags can be added to channels in Channel module. Multiple channels can then be easily searched/filtered through channel list by their tag name.

For more details for channel tag list please refer to online manual.