Ability to manually choose expiration period for calibration

So far DewesoftX had an expiration period for hardware calibration of 1 year. When expired, you were only able to turn OFF/ON the warning message, but you were unable to remove the yellow ID column in the channel setup indicating that calibration has expired. We understand that each company has its own calibration periods therefore we implemented a custom calibration interval field. 

Indicator Lamp

In the 2020.2 version, the Arm value type was added to the Indicator Lamp. 

Orbit Analysis

As we understand this importance and have years of experience when it comes to rotational data, we have taken our order tracking solution as a base and built a brand new Orbit Analysis solution module around it.

Re-designed Reporting tool

The key difference between regular and report displays is that each report display can save a custom zoom region and cursor position, therefore allowing you to make context notes based on specific points in the signal. Along with a customizable header, footer, and font size, multiple pages can be stringed together into a full report that has a print preview available at the left edge of the screen, while the built-in page designer allows you to reorder pages or add new ones using the right-click.


We added the ability to use variables for a timeout in Wait for User block and the ability to use variables in a Repetition block

Added System Monitor channels

The version of 2020.2 has now added calculation delay and network bandwidth system monitor channels, which will increase the insight into the overall data acquisition system. Since a lot of acquisitions are performed in limited power supply possibilities we add monitoring of integrated batteries into the Laptops, R2DB, etc. 

Custom CAN Bus Baud Rates

The ability to define custom CAN baud rates were added to the CAN module, wherewith basic settings, the user can define baud rate and the sample point, and with advanced settings define bit timing parameters that define the baud rate and sample point. Only baud rates supported by the device at the given clock can be created.