With the sequencer, there is a possibility to write data, for example, the values of some variables to the *.txt file. 

In the sequencer menu under Settings and Devices, different "devices" can be added. For writing into the *.txt file you need to add a Txt file. 

Create a *.txt file and assign its path to the "File name" window in the sequencer menu. When the "Append file" is selected, every new value will be added to the *.txt file. 

For usage of devices a "Remote control" action block needs to be added., which is listed under "Others" list. In the window, you can enter either a text or a variable - note that the variable needs to be in a single quotation. The input can be ASCII or HEX with some additional options - Append CR (Carriage return), Append LF (Line feed), and Clear previous data.