As the picture below shows, there can be some ringing on analog signals with sharp transitions. To eliminate ringing, or at least smooth it out, an FIR filter can be used.

First, we need to add the FIR filter to our Math Channels. We can find filters by clicking the “add math” button under the “math” tab.

For best results, this is how to set up the filter: 

1. On the left, select the channel or channels on which filter will be applied.  

2. Use the low pass filter type 

3. Set the Fc2 to 1000 Hz

4. Recommended no. of taps is 4 

After applying the FIR filter you can see below the ringing is smoothed. Here are both, original signal (green) and filter signal (red). In DewesoftX the FIR filters are calculated that there is no phase delay. You can see this when overlaying the signals.