In case Dewesoft returns "GetUncopressedLicense" it means that the license hasn't been correctly written to the device. The license should be written once again to the dedicated device. Be sure that you follow the steps below. 

1st step 

Connect the Dewesoft device where the license belongs and delete the old license that is stored on it. 

2nd step

Go to language settings/Administrative language settings/Change system locale. Be sure that the system locale is UK, and Unicode is unchecked.

3rd step 

Go to Dewesoft, use the LIC file (Import license) or license code, and write the license onto the device once again. 

4th step 

When a license is successfully written to the device you can change "Region settings" back to the initial state. 


If the problem remains although you performed the following steps, then we suggest debugging the devices. Make sure that you delete all licenses that might be written on the devices but keep other licenses entered under Licensing tab. 

1st step 

Navigate to the Devices tab and unplug all Dewesoft devices and then refresh the devices in DewesoftX. 

2nd step

Connect the first device and press the Refresh button in the Devices tab. if the Warning comes up it means the problem relates to this particular device. If there is no error please repeat the second step with the second device. 

3rd step

Keep these steps until all devices are connected in the proper configuration. If any of them causes the "GetUncompressedLicense" warning please contact the Dewesoft Support team for further steps.