This document describes the steps to do, if you want a measurement to be started just after booting

up the computer (without doing any keyboard/mouse operations).

1. With the Windows Notepad program, create a batch file, called e.g. start.bat. Please copy a

link to it to the Startup folder.

Press the Windows logo key  + R, type shell:startup, then select OK. This opens the Startup folder.

When the file is in the startup folder also check in the task manager if the file is visible and set to enabled.

2. The content of the batch file is: 

timeout /10 (this will delay the start of the application for 10 seconds)

C:\Dewesoft\Release\Bin64\X3\DEWEsoft.exe (this is a ful path to the location of Dewesoft *.exe file)

3. Start DEWESoft, go to Options -> Settings -> Startup.

There you select, that Dewesoft automatically loads a setup when starting.

Also tick the checkbox “Automatically start acquisition”. Then DEWESoft will switch to

Measure mode after loading the setup.

4. The last step is to select “Start storing automatically” in your setup. Of course you can add trigger conditions when selecting storing type “fast on trigger…”. Then the instrument will be armed after system boot and wait for a trigger event. (selecting option “Create a multifile” is also recommended in order not to overwrite existing files)