Working with the DS-NET option in DeweSoft you are required to establish an IP connection with a host acquisition device. There are many configurations of measurement units (master, slave...) but this is out of the scope of this tutorial. If you encounter problems with establishing the connection under Windows the best thing you can do is deactivate the Windows firewall that is turned ON by default. If your computer is connected to an external network (internet) you are vulnerable to outside attack so we recommend that you are disconnected from the internet during the time your firewall is disabled. 


Unable to connect to a measurement device using an IP connection. 


Ping.exe is a small Windows application to test is a connection with two hosts is possible. Ping.exe is a command-line application so we must first start cmd.exe. Start->Run->”cmd” opens command line. Next, we ping the remote host. We have to know the remote host IP address. 

Possible solution

Disable the Windows firewall. 

Disable windows firewall in Windows

Switching Windows Firewall On and Off 

1. Windows firewall is ON:

2. Windows firewall is disabled:

There are two types of networks you can set up in Windows. Most times the options Domain network or Private network are used. 

Here is the explanation of how to disable the firewall:

  • Open the control panel,
  • Click on the Firewall & network protection,
  • Click on the desired network and turn off the firewall.