In this article is gathered all the data about maximum current output on the DO pin for different devices:

  • Krypton 1xCNT:

Output voltage +5V - current limit 100mA,

Output voltage +12V - current limit 90 mA.

  • Sirius:

The current limit is 50 mA.

  • Dewe-43:

Sensor power supply up to 10W total:

12 V, total limit 350 mA (Shared between: 8xAI, 8xCounters, 2xCAN)

5 V, total limit 700 mA (Shared between: 8xCounters, 2xCAN)

+/-5 V Exc., Ch. limit 70 mA

This means that because the channels are not isolated among themselves the pin5 (+12V analog) and pin6 (+12V counter) are connected together - they are ''sharing'' the sensor power supply. All the +12V pins are connected parallel and the current is distributed between them.


IOLITE digital input and digital output modules both include power out option, where the unregulated power supply voltage is brought to a 2-pin PWR OUT connector.

The current limitation is 2A for the whole device.

  • DO on 4-pin sync connector:

The current limit is 25mA (50mA max 1 second).