Sometimes the CAN signal is not read as smoothly as we wanted. We have an option to add CAN transmit delay for making a transmitted signal in a more synchronous manner. When the delay is not enabled, the CAN transmit is activated immediately, even if there is still no samples. After one cycle of acquisition update rate, we receive the samples for this first period but because the transmit was already activated they can be output very promptly. With the CAN transmit delay we shift this for one or more cycles and when the transmit activate there are already a bunch of samples to actually transmit. 

 The recommendable value is approximately one acquisition update cycle, which is usually set to 50Hz

Example: 50 Hz sine wave from a function generator is read via AI and transmitted through CAN to another CAN port. We get the following results:

If we add a CAN transmit delay we get a much better output: