In this guide, we'll take a look at the differences between the Remote modes in the Dewesoft NET system. 

1. Master client:

Can control the measurement unit(s) and view their data.

The Master client is able to change the measurement system setup, storing strategy, start and stop measurements, and much more.

The Master client completely controls the inferior measurement unit - when the master unit switches to the setup screen, also the Slave/View client switches to the setup screen.

In the master client, the "disable mouse and keyboard" checkbox can be used to prevent a local operator from changing any settings on the measurement unit or interfering with the test. With this checked, the measurement unit cannot be operated locally – you will have complete control over the client.

2. View client:

Can view data being recorded on the measurement units, but cannot control them.

However, in the "view only" mode, the measurement system acquires data, while the Master client computer can connect to it and view the "live" data. But View client can't control the measuring system. A "view client" can look, but not touch.

The view clients are only allowed to take a few channels from the measurement unit (up to the bandwidth limitation) and view and store the data on their local hard disk.

3. Slave client

"Slave mode" can be selected on the client. Basically, this mode is the same as View client, the only difference is that when the Slave client is selected an additional computer can be connected to the client. 

Slave client can measure data under either local control or under the control of a master client, but the master client overwrites all the local storing.


  • Master client and View client can be connected to the slave.
  • View and Slave can initiate the storing under the condition that the measurement device is in measure mode. And when the Mater client starts the storing other clients will be taken-over and the data will be overwritten.
  • To avoid confusion there is recommended that only one Master client is used in the system.