There are three options of Remote pin working modes

1st option: Disabled

    - On/off function of Krypton CPU device works only with ON/OFF button on the device

    - The voltage on Remote pin is ignored although if changes  

2nd option: Remote power on on external pin 

    - The voltage on Remote pin turns ON the device

    - The voltage changing on Remote pin doesn't impact when the device is turned on

    - We can turn off the Krypton CPU with button pressing, but device immediately turns on if we leave voltage applied on Remote pin  

3rd option: Remote power on and off on  external pin 

    - Krypton CPU stays turned on until there is voltage applied on Remote pin

    - Just after we remove voltage, device stars to turn off

Changing procedure

    - At first change settings in the dropdown menu in Dewesoft Settings

    - Close the Dewesoft and turn off Krypton CPU

    - Perform Power cycle - Unplug supply wire and wait for 10 seconds 

    - When you turn on again, new settings are applied 


    - To power the system on, press the

Power switch OR apply a voltage

between 3.6 V and 30 V to Remote-On pin

- To power off the system press the

Power switch or reduce the voltage

on Remote-On below 0.5 V for more

then one second.