After storing some data you can continue to analyze data in Analyse mode, adding Math, Order tracking, etc. which usually creates a lot of other channels and greatly increases the file size.

Example #1 

We perform the measurement with four AI channels and three Math channels. The resulting file size is 569kB. Then we decide to remove Math channels in order to decrease data file size. 

Although we deleted Math channels we realize that the file size increased to 719 kB.

Example #2

Our expectation was that by adding the same formulas back, the data file size will change back to the same value as it was in the beginning. But actually, by doing so we can see that file size increased once again, this time to 956kB.



Editing mathematics in Analyse mode always increases data file size, which might be contrary to our expectations. In order to decrease data file size, you need to export it into a new Dewesoft data file.