Dewesoft offers two connection protocols for connecting to slaves in a Dewesoft-NET system. These two connections are VNC and Remote desktop protocol (RDP) and each of these connections have their Pros and Cons.

Pros of the RDP connection:

  • The connection is a lot smoother than in the VNC connection
  • No need for installing additional software - every Windows PC has RDP installed

Cons of the RDP connection:

  • By default, the slave measurement units need to have a set login password
  • The slave measurement units need to have the "Allow remote connection to this computer" option enabled - by default this option is usually disabled
  • When connecting to the slave measurement units the current user on the slave unit is logged out (screen sharing isn't supported)

Pros of the VNC connection:

  • Easy setup - if the VNC option was selected with the Dewesoft installation on all measurement units, the connection is plug and play
  • The user on the slave measurement unit stays logged in when we connect using VNC

Cons of the VNC connection:

  • The connection isn't very smooth - it can take a longer time to se the slave screen and there is some input delay