Here is an example how it is possible to automatically load the *.dbc files in Dewesoft data files using sequencer and Auto Hotkey software. 

1. Load all the files from the folder one by one (the description how this can be done can be found in this solution)

2. After the file is opened go to setup screen and CAN tab using two blocks

    - Action block -> SetupScreen

    - Action block -> SetMainToolbar (TabName = CAN)

3. Because sequencer doesn't have the option to import the DBC file we use the File manager block to open the file which is created by the Auto Hotkey software.

To create the file Auto Hotkey *.exe file we need to make a *.txt file with with click coordinates

The easiest way of finding the click coordinates is to use WindowSpy.ahk which is the installation folder of the Auto Hotkey. On the picture bellow the mouse cursor is on the import button. Copy the Window coordinates to *.txt file to click on this button. 

Here is an example of the *.txt file we have created:

Rename the ending of the *.txt file to *.ahk. To compile the file you need to click on it with the right key and choose Compile Script option:

A new *.exe file will be created which can be now used in the sequencer.

When Dewesoft opens the exe file, this will happen:

The Script we have created will load the *.dbc file, select the column and set the channels to offline. 

4. Now that we have the *.dbc file loaded all that is left is to recalculate and save the file. 

This can be easily done with additional two blocks:

    - Action block -> SetMainToolbar (TabName = CAN; ButtonName = Recalculate)

    - Action block -> SaveChangesToDataFile

In the attachment is are also all the files used for this operation.