Description of the problem

How to write a client that works with Dewesoft over NET functionality?

Description of the solution

The zip file containing the examples can be downloaded from our website There are three files (DeweNetExample.dxs,, DeweNetExample.dxs is a Dewesoft setup file which must be loaded on the remote Dewesoft instance, otherwise python script will not work. The file contains code which connects to Dewesoft to get the channels and to define which channels will be used for transferring data. After channels are prepared the code from can be executed.

The script makes 2 threads. The purpose of the first thread is to gather data from the remote Dewesoft. The purpose of the second thread is to process the data and then show it on the graph. Until remote Dewesoft sends data python script will show data. 

This two scripts are an example on how external software/script can gather data from remote Dewesoft over the DewesoftNET functionality.

Additional information

Dewesoft net interface, Download files with Dewesoft net python example