With the sequencer a custom name can be chosen for the stored data files. When we need to save a certain string value, a "Text" type sequencer variable must be added to the sequencer. The variable is added in the settings tab of the sequencer. 

Form block 

With the Form block it is possible to input the chosen data name and assigned it to the sequencer variable which was added ('File name'). The input control must be chosen and a variable name must be added to the settings.  

The proper extension needs to be added to the data file name, so it will be correctly saved. The file extension can be added in the "Start storing" block or with the "Calculation" block. 

Start Storing block

In start storing block the sequencer variable in which our chosen name is stored, needs to be written in single quotation mark with the *.dxd extension. 

Calculation block

With the calculation block, we change the variable's value. The variables are always written in single quotation mark and the fixed values in double quotation mark. The plus sign is used to put the variable value and the file extension together.

 When the calculation block is used, we only enter the 'File name' variable in the "Start storing" block.