Developing C++ Scripts

One way of using C++ Script is as if it were a slightly better formula module, meaning you add “C++ Script” via “Add math…” menu to your setup, and develop such scripts directly inside the setup. 

To create your own C++ Scripts you will need the C++ Script option for your Dewesoft license, otherwise you will be unable to select “C++ Script” menu option.

Loading setups containing custom C++ Script modules without the C++ Script option in your Dewesoft license will remove such C++ Script modules from your setup.

DEMO license includes C++ Script option. Note however that in order to use the setup containing C++ Scripts you create with real hardware measurement, you will again need the C++ Script option in your license.

Trial license includes C++ Script option.

Exported bundles

You can export the custom C++ Scripts you have developed as two types of bundles, Open source or Freeware. The only difference between the two is that with Open source bundle the source code gets stored in the bundle, while with Freeware it does not. These bundles can then be used in other setups without having to manually recompile the scripts.

If you have the C++ Script option in your license, you can use “Import bundle…” from a new C++ Script’s setup form and import bundle into your setup.

Alternatively, even without C++ Script option, you can add bundles into bin(64)\addons(64)\ folder of your Dewesoft installation, and use them via “Add math…” menu as you would with regular math modules. Neither Open source nor Freeware bundles require any license options to be used in such a way.