The installer for Dewesoft X3 SP5 and newer versions allow the user to make a response file, which can be later used for silent installation of Dewesoft with options that were selected in the "recorded" installation.  

To do this you need to write the following command in the command prompt:

Setup.exe -r (e.g. cmd> "C:\Users\Downloads\Dewesoft_X3_Installer_x86.exe" -r )

This command will launch the installer and "record" the steps which you selected in the installation (destination folder, setup type, selected features...). 

After the installation, you can find a "Setup.iss" file in the Windows folder (C:\Windows\Setup.iss). You can move this file to a better location and rename it if you're going to have more than one custom installation type. 

To use the .iss file with the silent installer you need to use this command: 

Setup.exe /s /f1"path\filename.iss" (e.g. "C:\Users\Desktop\Installer\Dewesoft_X3_Installer_x64.exe" /s /f1"C:\Users\Desktop\Installer\setup.iss")

This will install Dewesoft in the background with the same options that were recorded before.

Here you can find other silent installer options