First go to Dewesoft download section and download the latest version of EthercatDAQ Filter Driver. 

After the file is downloaded, extract it and run EthcatDAQSetup.exe file. 

When the installer launches, it will show you the current version of EtherCAT plugin and the network cards on which it is installed. 

To install the new version, first we have to uninstall the old one. You can do this just by clicking on the uninstall button.

This is the window you get when there is no EtherCAT driver installed. By clicking install button, we will install the new version of the driver.

When the new driver is installed, you should see this message:

There are two options to check which version is installed on your computer:

1. When the EtherCAT device is connected to Dewesoft, you can see it in the settings window.

2. If there is no EtherCAT device, the only way is to launch the EtherCAT driver installer.