Download the plugin from this web page:

Most plugins are made specifically for the 64-bit version or 32-bit version so make sure you download the correct one.

Open the downloaded .zip file and copy the contents into the Dewesoft Addons folder (e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\DEWESoft\Bin64\X3\Addons64)

The old plugin files need to be replaced (copy and replace).

Before you can use Plugins in Dewesoft, they must be registered once. When Dewesoft is started it will try to register all plugins (*.dll files) that it finds in the Addons folder. In order to do that, Dewesoft requires administrator permissions (because it must write to the Windows registry). When Dewesoft is not run with administrator permissions, the registration cannot be done automatically.

When the plugin does not show up in the Extensions list, you must press the Refresh button (Figure 5 - Update extensions list). Note: you may need to start Dewesoft as administrator (depending on the UAC settings of your Windows user/installation). When you have pressed the Refresh button, the registration Window will be shown for a short time (Figure 6). After that, you must restart Dewesoft

With that the plugin is updated/installed and you can check if its properly installed if you click on options and select “installed extensions”.