KRYPTON and IOLITE devices with TH-HS amplifier offer high-speed acquisition rates. A new 24-bit ADC allows sampling rates up to 10 kS/s per channel.

Enabling HS options is merely possible by inserting the unique code to the settings of the device. The code is generated based on the serial number of the unit and unlocks the ability to use 10kHz SR. The code has to be inserted in the Settings and it doesn't require remote help assistance from support agent. This procedure below is appropriate for 

  • KRYPTONi-16xTH-HS-UP-10kHz
  • KRYPTONi-8xTH-HS-UP-10kHz
  • IOLITEir-8xTH-HS-UP-10kHz

The article will describe licensing for KRYPTONi-16xTH with HS option. When the unique code is provided, you should insert that code to the module in DewesoftX settings. Each code is unique to the serial number so it has to be insert separately to dedicated module and mustn't be mixed with another one.  

To get this code you should proceed an order in the configurator. Order item is KRYPTONi-16xTH-HS-UP-10kHz or KRYPTONi-8xTH-HS-UP-10kHz for the smaller one or IOLITEir-8xTH-HS-UP-10kHz for rack slices. 

First of all, open the upgrade item in the Configurator. Then enter the serial number (or many of them) and then submit the order. Our production team will provide you with a code.