The new Release of DewesoftX 2021.5 features a major update to the Order tracking module with main focus on performance optimization. Modal Test module features a swept sine excitation waveform and the display templates of the Modal test have been reworked. A new Markers module is available in the analysis mode. The Excel export has been significantly improved so that the export is two times faster and there is no need for the Excel to be installed on the same computer as DewesoftX. The HDF5 export has been improved and the export time has decreased.

This article complements the Official release newsletter and focuses on graphically representing features that were briefly mentioned in the newsletter. 

The function generator control

The function generator can now be started or stopped using a control channel.

The down color can be individually configured in the up down button mode

The button mode in the input control display has the option to enable button color for up and down.

The notice event

The notification text of the notice event is displayed directly on the recorder widget.

C++ Script bundles can now be locked to device serial numbers and properly upgraded without losing references within the setup file.

Proprietary option enables the locking mechanism and expands the form to enable adding multiple

serial numbers. With a new grid there is an option to add specific serial numbers of devices to

lock the bundle. On the left side there is a list box which is populated with serial numbers of

currently connected devices. There are two locking mechanisms: Automatic and Manual from


For more detailed description of C++ Script bundles locking please refer to the C++ Script manual.

FFT preview widget visual control

FFT preview widget visual control has the option to set compact Y-axis

Digital Meter

Digital Meter now has the option to wrap long strings 

Dewesoft NET with Windows desktop sharing

Windows desktop sharing has replaced VNC as the default protocol for accessing the setup configuration of remote computers in a Dewesoft NET system.