For the export to template to work correctly, all the recorded and exported datafiles need to have the same structure – same number of channels and the same dimensions for the vectors and matrixes.

1. Open a datafile containing the order tracking plugin.

2. Go to the Export tab, select MS Excel, then select a template (or create a new one), that you want to edit and click on the Edit template button.

3. The exported Order tracking waterfall data should be visible in the Single value tab in Excel. Select the waterfall data, that you want to plot. In this example the data is in the region from B6 to IW66 (see bottom picture).

4. When your data is selected click on the Insert tab and select the graph you want to use. In this example we selected the 3-D Surface graph.

5. Right click on the plotted graph and select the Move Chart option and select, where you want to move your graph (usually we would move it to a new sheet).

6. Finally, right click on the moved graph again and click on the Select Data option. Now we can change the Horizontal axis by selecting the order data range. Unfortunately, the names (Speed channel values) for the series have to be changed one by one (left side of the bottom picture).

7. When finished, click the save button to save the changes to template.