The content of this article is primarily used from "HBM Prenscia Training Academy" covering the nCode support for Dewesoft. 

nCode may crash or hand indefinitely when opening in a directory containing Dewesoft .dxd files.

This can affect versions of nCode up to and including version 2018. The issue is seen when adding the Dewesoft .dxd files to the available data window, when launching ncodedesktop in a working directory containing .dxd files or when changing the working directory to one containing .dxd files. 

nCode relies on a Dewesoft supplied .dll for reading their file formats, up to version 12 this will read only the earlier .d7d format and the issue is seen when attempting to add the later .dxd files fromthe working directory to the available data window. 

It may be possible to work around the issue by obtaining a later version of the .dll (at the time of writing DWDataReader_v4_2_0_16) from the Dewesoft download webpage. When downloaded for the appropriate platform the .dll is placed in the GlyphWorks .\bin directory, replacing any existing copy.

For example, you can use an alternative and copy DWDataReaderLib64.dll from C:\DewesoftX\Bin64 to C:\Program Files\nCode\nCode 2018.0 64-bit\GlyphWorks\bin. Paths may differ according to your installation.