1. General

F1Help: opens chapter regarding the current content
F2Go to Analog Channel setup
F3Go to Measure mode
 F5Save data file
F7Stop measurement or Storing
Ctrl+Shift+pPerformance information
Ctrl+Shift+iChannel information
Ctrl+Shift+dEvent viewer

Enter the design mode
Copy Widget
Paste Widget

Some of them can also be found in the settings menu:

Some additional shortcuts can be enabled in the Advanced settings:

2. In measure - Storing

SpaceKeyboard event
nText (note) event
vVoice event

3. In analysis

SpaceEvent viewer
nText (note) event
vVoice event
cGeneral (cursor) event


1. Ch.setup 

  • Click and drag (or ctrl+click) any column: select properties of multiple channels.

2. Measure

  • Click and drag channel to the visual control: display channel on that control.

a. If “Auto-scale” is disabled:

  • Click on bottom/upper number on graph axis: define the shown interval.
  • Click on channel name on graph axis: scale it to current min/max shown.

b. If multiple channels are shown on the same graph: 

  • Ctrl+click on bottom/upper numbers on graph axis: define shown interval.
  • Ctrl+click on channel names: scale to current min/max shown.

3. Design

  • Click on the widget: click and drag corners to resize.
  • Click + scroll on widget: resize it.
  • Click and drag channels to an empty area: present it in the last used widget.
  • Right-click on the widget: preferences and options to copy.
  • Right-click on empty area: options to copy/paste.

4. Analysis

  • (Note that “2. Measure” applies in Analysis also.)
  • Click and drag on time axis when zoomed: move backward/forward in time.
  • Click and drag inside recorder then click inside lines “I” and “II”: zoom in.
  • Right-click inside recorder: zoom out.